Slicing cheeses: the innovative Slicefil-663

In the world of food processing, efficiency and precision are key, especially when it comes to cheese slicing. FIBOSA, a recognized name in the industry, has taken a step forward with its latest innovation: Slicefil-663. This machine is not just a slicer; it is a revolution in cheese slicing, designed to meet the needs of high production manufacturers.

Automatic loading and cutting in multiple rows of cheeses

The Slicefil-663 stands out for its ability to automatically load cheese sticks, a significant advance that saves time and reduces manual effort. In addition, its multiple cutting system can handle up to 3 rows of product simultaneously, which significantly increases production efficiency.

Unmatched weighing accuracy

One of the most impressive aspects of the Slicefil-663 is its independent dynamic weighing system. With 3 rows and 3 independent gripper systems, it offers unmatched precision in cheese slicing. This feature ensures that each slice has the exact weight and thickness, meeting the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Presentation of the final product

Cheese slicing reaches a new level with paper interleaver and automatic portion tiling. These features not only improve the presentation of the final product, but also facilitate packaging and handling.

Production efficiency

With a production capacity of up to 90 packages per minute and a controlled discharge conveyor feeding directly into a thermoformer, the Slicefil-663 is designed to maximize efficiency in high production environments. It is ideal for manufacturers of molded cheeses and other meat products, such as sweet ham in bars or cured or cooked sausages.

Customized cheese slicing customization

FIBOSA understands that each production operation is unique. Therefore, the Slicefil-663 offers extensive customization possibilities to adapt to specific needs such as adjustments in the cutting system, or variations in the weighing configuration.

At FIBOSA we are committed to providing solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

Cheese slicing has entered a new era with Slicefil-663. This machine not only represents a technological breakthrough, but is also a testament to FIBOSA‘s commitment with innovation and quality. For manufacturers looking for efficiency, precision and customization in cheese slicing, the Slicefil-663 is the ideal solution.

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