Fresh cheese processing with the FIBOSA range of equipment

Fresh cheese is a very popular dairy product all over the world, and its production requires fresh cheese making equipment to guarantee the quality of the final product. At FIBOSA, we have a wide range of machinery for the production of fresh and/or soft cheese.

Machinery for the production of fresh cheese

FIBOSA’s range of equipment for the production of fresh cheese is especially indicated for medium and/or high production manufacturers who require an increase in productivity and automation of their line:

  1. Curdling vats: our horizontal cylindrical closed type curdling vats, specially designed for the production of this type of cheese, with different production capacities. They are characterized by their structure and loops, which allow the curd to be mixed in a proportionate and homogeneous way, thus obtaining a very regular grain of equal size, which reduces the minimum values of production losses. Furthermore, the application of the process in an enclosed space guarantees the best hygienic conditions in production.
  2. Continuous salting tunnel: salting is a critical process in cheese production, as it not only influences the flavor of the final product, but also its conservation. In this sense, FIBOSA’s continuous salting tunnel is presented as an advanced solution for dry salting of soft cheeses.
  3. Multi-mold turner: specially designed to turn multi-molds with curd. Facilitates the “turning – resting – turning” cycle necessary for optimal draining and self-pressing of fresh and soft cheeses.
  4. Complements: The following are some of the features of the system: conveyor belts, which are ideal for automating the transport of cheeses along the production line, additional pressing system, which allows the application of a uniform and constant pressure on the cheeses during the pressing phase and washing tunnels, which are designed to remove dirt, residues and germs from the surfaces of the molds and mats, thus helping to improve the quality and food safety of the final product.

How to choose the right machinery

To choose the right machinery for the production of fresh cheese, it is important to take into account several factors, such as production capacity, level of automation, versatility of the machinery, production cost, quality of materials and ease of use and maintenance.

At FIBOSA, we have a wide range of machinery for the production of fresh cheese that adapts to the different production and quality needs you are looking for. Contact us for more information

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