Salting systems for cheeses: the optimization of the salting process in cheese production

In cheese making, salting is a crucial stage that determines both the flavor and the shelf life of the final product. The cheese salting systems are designed to ensure impeccable uniformity in this process. FIBOSA salting systems are an excellent example of how modern technology has revolutionized the traditional task of salting.

In the following we will explain our salting models in order to know their efficiency in cheese production.

A modern approach to salting systems

One Level Saladero

Ideal for medium scale productions or cheeses that do not require a prolonged stay in brine, this model stands out for its single level salting system by means of flotation. With the help of the brine impeller and the extractor belt, automatic circulation and removal of the cheeses is achieved, ensuring uniform distribution of the salt.

Cage Saladero

Designed for high productions or cheeses that require a longer stay in the salting room, this model uses independent cages that are immersed in the brine. Automation in the loading, unloading and circulation of the cheeses is achieved by means of hydraulic or electromechanical systems, thus optimizing the salting process.

Racking Salting Racking

This system stands out for its production flexibility and uniformity in salting, allowing processing on submerged shelves in independent rafts. Rack handling is made accessible through a bridge crane, while a creative flotation and translation system in a brine channel streamlines the cheese loading and unloading process.

Additional Machinery for Cheese Salting

In addition to the salting rooms, there are control and command panels, salt dosifiers, and cooling and filtration equipment that complement and optimize the process. The inclusion of diatomaceous earth filtration or microfiltration technologies enhances the quality and consistency of the salted product, ensuring a superior end product.

In short, modern cheese salting machinery, such as FIBOSA cheese salting systems, not only improves production efficiency but also ensures optimal cheese flavor and preservation.

With different models of salters available, cheesemakers can now select the system that best suits their specific needs, thereby increasing the quality and yield of their cheese production.

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