Cheese curdling vats for curd production

FIBOSA’s CUBMASTER curdling vats are advanced and automated equipment used in the cheese making process: converting milk into curd by adding rennet. Below we explain some of the main characteristics of this machinery in cheese production.

Characteristics of FIBOSA curdling vats

  1. Versatility in cheese production: Cheese curdling vats are designed to produce a wide variety of cheeses, making them ideal for diversifying your cheese production.
  2. Closed type design and double-zero geometry: The closed design helps in containing odors and maintaining a hygienic environment, while the “double-zero geometry” adopts an optimized design for more efficient or specific performance.
  3. Automation and capacity: With capacities ranging from 2,000 to 17,500 liters and fully automatic operations, these vats can handle large production volumes with less need for manual intervention, improving production efficiency and consistency.
  4. Product quality control: The advanced design of the cutting-stirring loop assembly ensures a fine, constant and homogeneous grain size, a crucial aspect in cheese quality and texture.
  5. Efficient heating system: Its heating system allows for uniform temperature distribution, which is essential for the curdling process and final product quality.
  6. High yield: The geometry of the bottom of the vat and the heating system contribute to a high yield in cheese production.
  7. Programmable control: Manufacturing parameters are programmable. They can be monitored and controlled via an integrated touch screen, providing ease of use and precision in the manufacturing process.
  8. Cleaning and access: Optionally, our curdling vats can be adapted to CIP (Cleaning In Place) systems and incorporate access and service platforms for efficient hygiene and to facilitate maintenance and process monitoring.

These features indicate a focus on efficiency, consistency and product quality, as well as ease of use and hygiene in the cheese making process. For more detailed information, please contact FIBOSA.

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