Cheese painting lines

Cheese painting lines: Innovation and efficiency in cheese production

Fibosa cheese painting lines represent a significant breakthrough in the field of cheese production, offering automatic and semi-automatic solutions for coating the cheese surface. These lines are characterized by their integrated set of conveyor belts, painting tunnels with high precision spray guns, cheese turners, and a specific tunnel for drying the outer surface. This system guarantees a uniform and high quality finish, indispensable in the cheese industry.

Why choose Fibosa cheese painting lines?

Choosing Fibosa cheese coating lines means betting on greater efficiency and production capacity in cheese manufacturing.

In fact, the implementation of these systems has radically transformed the work dynamics in the industry, significantly increasing production volumes without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Characteristics of cheese coating systems

Our high-pressure painting method, which atomizes the paint, ensures complete and homogeneous coverage of the cheese, while reducing the amount of paint required, thus achieving considerable savings in resources.

The plastic coating used in the Fibosa coating process is based on edible fatty acids, providing high elasticity and a skin effect that protects the cheese during ripening.

This coating includes a first transparent layer with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, essential for optimal product maturation and increased shelf life. This innovative layer ensures that the natural ripening process of the cheese is not interfered with, keeping all its qualities intact.

In addition, Fibosa cheese painting lines offer the possibility to customize the color of the coating according to the type of cheese, which allows to visually differentiate the products and add an additional aesthetic value to the final product. This personalization not only improves the presentation of the cheese, but also facilitates its identification and handling in the subsequent stages of marketing and consumption.

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