Cheese ripening and storage boxes

Ripening is a crucial step in the cheese making process. To ensure exceptional results, it is essential to pay attention to environmental aspects such as humidity, temperature and ventilation. FIBOSA cheese ripening boxes are the perfect solution, as they not only improve the ripening environment, but also bring benefits in terms of hygiene, operational efficiency and economic savings. Discover how these boxes can transform your curing process and achieve high quality cheeses.

Characteristics of the FIBOSA cheese ripening boxes

FIBOSA ripening crates are designed with the environment in mind. This guarantees the ideal conditions for your cheeses to mature properly and develop their characteristic flavor and texture.

Our own-designed boxes have strategically placed openings to allow adequate ventilation, obtaining maximum uniformity in cheese ripening. They have an anti-marking groove, both on the sides and on the bottom, to increase the air intake capacity and allow air to reach the entire product. This achieves a homogeneous ripening of the cheese.

Improved hygiene and work operations

When using the maturation boxes FIBOSA you will also experience significant improvements in terms of hygiene and operability. They are designed with high quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain, preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

In addition, its ergonomic design facilitates the handling and organization of the cheeses during the ripening process. You will be able to stack the boxes safely and easily access each cheese, which will speed up your daily tasks and improve your work efficiency.

Fibosa plastic crates and pallets

The cheese ripening boxes and plastic pallets that can be stacked and turned over with the use of a mechanical forklift, incorporate double clamps to hold the entire pallet, so they do not require the use of fixed racks. This saves space in the ripening chambers, provides greater flexibility and maximum hygiene as well as uniformity in the ripening of the cheeses.

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